On Site Services

On site Consultation

As a consultant at Cameo Blooms the relationship, I want to build with my clients is key to my success and it should be built on the strongest foundation of respect and honesty. I will maintain the highest code of ethics and always do the right thing including:

  • Account for my time accurately and honestly
  • I won’t make promises I can’t keep
  • I won’t recommend products or services that my clients don’t need
  • Be candid and give my honest opinion
  • Protect my client’s confidentiality
  • Follow through on my promises
  • Disclose conflict of interest
  • I won’t use inside information to my advantage
  • I will not break the law

On site Cleaning Service

1. Client based service: “Sell everything client needs to do it yourself”
Plants, microfiber cloths, plastic jugs, yearly repotting soil, pot 1 size larger and fertilizer

2. Weekly on-site services available

  • Remove any unhealthy foliage
  • Water plants with tap water left in blue jugs under sink or special shelf
  • Rotate plant
  • Fertilize as per plant instructions
  • Repot with new soil to one pot size larger once a year
  • Move plants to new locations if needed in current location

Weekly service level
#1 (1-5 plants) $20.00
#2 (6-11 plants) $40.00
#3 (16-21) plants $60.00
#4 (26-31) plants $80.00
#5 (36-41) plants $100