Boston Fern

(Nephrolepis exalta bostonesis)
Toxicity: Non-Toxic to Dogs, Non-Toxic to Cats
Evergreen perennial. originated in south America, native to tropical regions throughout the world. Rated #1 in the rate of removal of formaldehyde, removes more formaldehyde than any other plant. Can reach up to 40-90 cm to 1.5 meters. Use potting mixture of peat moss, sand and garden soil, likes direct sunlight, water once week, withhold fertilizing during winter months. Relatively easy to grow, however, drafts, dry air and temperature extremes won’t help, protecting your plant from these will reward you with lush green fronds all year long. They act as humidifiers, likes indirect sunlight, mist leaves with water regularly. Great for all living spaces

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Be advised that the consumption of any plant material may cause vomiting and gastrointestinal upset for dogs and cats. Plants listed as non-toxic are not expected to be life-threatening to your pets. * If you suspect your pet may have ingested a potentially toxic substance, contact your local veterinarian as soon as possible.

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